We're a beer education and events company based in Seattle, WA. We go beyond just tasting beer—you'll learn the skills needed to be the best beer drinker you can be. Smell, look, feel, and sip away on the best beverage on earth: beer! Before you know it, you'll be able to navigate any beer menu and get the best out of every brew. 

Created by Shawna Cormier, Beer Director at No Anchor Beer Bar, Beer Schlepper at Floodland Brewing, Certified Cicerone®, BJCP Certified Beer Judge, Sensory Analysis Program Developer, and homebrewer (Governing Committee Vice President, American Homebrewers Association). People have said she looks like a young Billy Crystal.


Jess Keller Poole, a Certified Beer Server, beer slinger, BJCP judge, beer photographer, and creator/writer/producer of the amazing  podcast Cheers to Beers. She may or may not be a witch.


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